January 1, 2017


Welcome to the Star Trek  Costume Guide! 

Obviously, we're currently under construction, but here I'm building (what will be) the ultimate FREE resource for everyone interested in learning about and/or making Star Trek  costumes!

You may already be familiar with some of my existing (Bad Wolf Costumes) analyses/tutorials, which I'm in the process of updating with new information and migrating to their new home here. 

In addition to updated existing analyses/tutorials, over the coming months I will be posting a multitude of NEW ones from The Next Generation  uniform era!

Unlike my current series of analysis/tutorial "blogs," I plan to actively post new content here on a wide variety of Star Trek  costumes, not only Starfleet uniforms.

I also plan on occasionally producing highly informative videos on various uniforms and uniform eras, and perhaps even hosting webinars on various Star Trek costuming topics (depending on the level of interest).

Now, it will be easier than ever before for you to learn about Star Trek  costumes, and with the help of my thorough sewing tutorials you'll have everything you need to make your own high-quality uniform replicas.

Basically, I'm updating my old material, adding a bunch of new material, all the while organizing and integrating it all together to form one huge, unprecedented costuming resource for Star Trek  fans!

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