February 13, 2017

TNG jumpsuit analysis, part 3 added!

And now, the conclusion ... 

"Yesterday's Enterprise"
TNG jumpsuit variant
In this third and final installment of my TNG jumpsuit analysis, we examine the numerous uniform variations, experiments, and outliers seen over the years. 

I also note various uniform imperfections, continuity errors, incorrect ranks, etc. that inevitably crop up on productions of this magnitude. 

For instance, did you know that several times in The Next Generation, characters would inexplicably change uniforms from the ending of one cliffhanger to the beginning of the following season? 

Or that Captain Picard and Data wore their season 2-style TNG jumpsuits during "All Good Things ...", rather than the appropriate season 1-style uniforms? 

And finally, we take a look at the division colors and how they evolved over the course of The Next Generation - aka "Fifty Shades of Teal!" 

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