April 17, 2017

Women's TNG Jumpsuit Pattern, Pre-order Discount!

Star Trek TNG Women's Jumpsuit Sewing PatternBad Wolf Costumes' women's TNG jumpsuit pattern is now available for pre-order, at a 10% discount!

It includes FOUR versions of the jumpsuit:
   * Early (seasons 1-2) version
   * Front-zipping later (seasons 3-7) version
   * Back-zipping "hero" version
   * "Yesterday's Enterprise" variant

All four versions are included in women's sizes 6-24.

The pattern is printed on four large sheets and also includes a printed copy of text-only instructions.

Here are some examples of the uniforms you'll be able to make with this sewing pattern:

Star Trek TNG Women's Jumpsuit Sewing Pattern
Star Trek TNG Women's Jumpsuit Sewing Pattern
Star Trek TNG Women's Jumpsuit Sewing Pattern
Star Trek TNG Women's Jumpsuit Sewing Pattern

Pre-order your copy today at a 10% discount! Shipping will begin on Monday, May 1, 2017, at which point it will be listed at regular price.


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April 10, 2017

Boldly going ...

After months of research and hard work, we're not only about to release our first TNG-era sewing pattern, but our first ladies' sewing pattern, as well! 

Ladies have literally been asking us to produce women's sewing patterns for years now, and it's been our intention to do so for a quite a while - especially with the ongoing positive reception to our men's patterns! 

Why has it taken so long for us to get around to it, then? 

Well, honestly, costuming was our hobby before it became our business, and I (Alex) was a professional composer who dabbled with making myself Star Trek costumes for fun between music gigs. 

Alex, before Bad Wolf Costumes

Once Kate and I began Bad Wolf Costumes, I was mostly doing music, and I had the idea of making some sewing patterns for our fledgling venture, just for the hell of it; if I was already drafting a pattern and making a costume for myself anyway, why not go the extra mile, grade it in a few more sizes, and photograph the construction process for tutorials so others could make themselves cool costumes, too? 

At that point - and for the first few years of our business - sewing patterns were basically, "While I'm at it ..." addendums to my own personal hobby projects. 

I gave them my best efforts and I wanted other fans to enjoy using them, of course, but I really had no idea my patterns would be so well received and become so popular in the costuming community. 

Requests for more patterns started trickling in, and I began taking things more seriously. At no point did I ever intend this to escalate from an enjoyable hobby to my livelihood, but, well, that's kind of happened over the years.

Whereas at first I was only making myself costumes that interested me, I began branching out into other, similar uniforms, and of course you all probably know how much I love including multiple versions of a uniform in a single pattern! 

I was down the rabbit hole!

However, after the first few patterns, women started chiming in and wanting patterns, too. 

While honored by the (perfectly reasonable!) requests, I was flummoxed for quite a while, not only because it seemed like all this had somehow gone from a hobby I tinkered with to a serious profession (and one in which it was perceived that I was literally ignoring half of the demographic - oh, and I apparently had a demographic now!), but also because I'd never even attempted to draft a ladies' pattern before! 

This responsibility fell squarely on my shoulders; Kate's expertise is in designing and making most of our actual costumes, not producing sewing patterns and tutorials. (She's far too nebulously creative and imaginative to be dragged down by the sort of meticulous, tedious, ongoing work that patterns require. And to be fair, I'm far too scientific, literal, and unoriginal to do what she does! We're great partners that way.)

Basically, me and Kate

So while trying to balance my music career and an ever-lengthening pattern queue, I took it upon myself to begin learning about proper pattern-drafting for both genders, as well as taking my sewing/tailoring skills to the next level. 

In for a penny, in for a pound! 

Meanwhile, the requests for women's patterns grew more numerous, more insistent, and someone even started a campaign for them! (As if I needed any more pressure ...)

Fast-forward past a dozen or so books, months of researching women's Star Trek costumes, dozens of pattern references and mock-ups, etc., and here we are with our first ladies' pattern - finally! 

What can I say, other than I'm sorry it took us so long?

We could've put out lousy, half-assed women's patterns a long time ago, but you probably know by now that when I do something, I really do it, and I take my time to do make sure every pattern is as good as I can make it before sharing it with the world. 

Ladies, you deserve the very best of what we have to offer, and to be honest, it's only now that we feel our best is something worth contributing to the DIY costuming community. 

That said, our first ladies' pattern - the first of many! - is coming very soon, probably next week! 

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