February 16, 2018

Free TNG skant pattern!

As you've probably seen from my TNG skant analysis, blog post documenting the skant, and TNG skant video tour, I was really able to get a lot of mileage out of the screen-used TNG skant I examined recently.

In addition to measuring every edge, every nook and cranny of the costume, I actually extrapolated a sewing pattern from it, using a technique I learned from a book called 101 Sewing Secrets from the Singer Sewing Reference Library.

Basically, this process entails pinning or hand-basting a layer of muslin to the garment and lightly tracing the seam lines, darts, etc. with a pencil. 

I did this for every single piece of the skant, even including those enormous shoulder pads!

TNG skant "rub-off pattern"

In addition to the shape of the pieces themselves, I also noted the direction of the grain, as well as all the various seam/hem allowances (etc.).

TNG skant "rub-off pattern"

I transferred my muslin pattern to my dot-and-cross pattern-drafting paper, "true-ing" all the seam lines with the various rulers needed and double-checking everything for accuracy. 

Then, I added all the appropriate seam/hem allowances to the appropriate edges and traced the pattern onto the large pieces of paper we usually use for our (Bad Wolf Costumes) sewing patterns.

I've since had it scanned at my local copy/print shop, cleaned it up, and digitally labeled it, so it's all ready to go! 

You can download my extrapolated pattern here for free. 

The pattern is a PDF, with two large 36" x 48" black/white pages. Unless you have a large format printer, you'll need to take it to your local copy/print shop to have it printed.

A few minor notes on the pattern draft:

  • This is a women's skant, with finished garment measurements of 36" bust and 29 ½" waist. 

  • The grain lines indicate the crossgrain, not the straight grain! Use the horizontal "weave" of the jumbo spandex as a guide.

  • I made the neckline/trim seam allowance ⅜" all the way around, instead of the back being ½" (which seemed unnecessarily confusing). 

  • The front yoke "leaned" slightly to one side; I made it symmetrical. 

  • The neckline trim and yoke piping pieces were extrapolated based on the length of the seam lines, rather than tracing the actual pieces. 

  • You'll want to allow about ⅛" in any particular direction for "human error!"

That said, here's a comparison of the original TNG skant I examined, and the replica I made using this extrapolated pattern I'm sharing:

Free TNG skant pattern

I'm still whipping up a couple (Bad Wolf Costumes) TNG skant patterns, both male and female, which will, of course, include multiple sizes for each gender, and those will hopefully be finished soon. 

In the mean time, though, I hope you enjoy this free pattern! Steve's actually selling this skant, so contact me if you're interested and I'll put you in touch with him. 

My TNG skant sewing tutorial will follow soon after the (BWC) patterns, and you should be able to use it with this pattern, too.


  1. Thank you for all the time you put into these patterns.

  2. I just pulled out the original "pattern" from Theiss, and this looks almost exactly the same! Bravo! I'm working on a muslin of it currently and stumbling across your analysis has saved me a lot of grief over the two-zipper closure system.

  3. This may be a bit too late, but is Steve still selling this costume? The measurements would fit me perfectly.

    1. I believe he still is! E-mail me and I'll put you in touch with him, or you can message him directly on Facebook.

    2. I actually found him on fb right before you replied to this! Thank you.