February 2, 2018

Obsessive Costuming Dude

Heads-up, everyone! 

Henceforth (I like that word), all my costume research, analyses, and sewing tutorials will be done under my new alias, Obsessive Costuming Dude, as opposed to Bad Wolf Costumes. 

Why the name change? 

Well, there are two main reasons. 

First, as Bad Wolf Costumes has grown these past few years, we've learned that we actually have two separate demographics: people who want to buy ready-made costumes, and people who enjoy reading about them and/or making their own

From the beginning, Kate and I intended for Bad Wolf Costumes to be for the former. Sewing patterns were more or less an afterthought - an extension of my hobby.

Being the over-achiever and perfectionist I am, though, I became increasingly thorough with my research. It didn't take long for my costume analyses and sewing tutorials to escalate to the point that they needed to not only be their own separate files, but their own entire projects - in addition to the sewing patterns themselves!

Basically, through Bad Wolf Costumes, we've been talking to two different groups of people, simultaneously engaging and boring about half of our followers. 

Since we're committed to each, separating our work is the best way we know of to give both groups the attention they deserve!

Secondly, sharing my work as an individual, rather than as a representative of my costume business, is a more accurate presentation of it to you, my readers. 

While I'm delighted to have gained the good reputation I have (or, rather, my costume business has) these past few years, I feel like there's been an increasing perception that Bad Wolf Costumes is some large-scale business (like, say, ANOVOS), with a corresponding set of expectations. 

The truth is, I'm ultimately just a fan boy with the right set of skills, vision, and ambition to build a massive resource like the "Star Trek Costume Guide."

I haven't the slightest inclination to make Star Trek uniforms for a living; aside from the fact that music is my passion, what I enjoy most about costuming is exactly what I do: research, analyze, share my findings with others, replicate, and teach other people how to do the same. 

In doing so, my goal is to contribute to the costuming community, and hopefully raise the collective bar - both in terms of costume replicas, and of sewing/tailoring skills!

Ever since I was a boy, I wanted to be a starship captain. The first sewing pattern I ever bought for personal use was a Star Trek pattern, and it took me years of figuring things out before I was even competent enough at sewing to make a recognizable costume that didn't fall apart in a week. (The fact that that first pattern was crap didn't help.) 

Helping other people achieve their "dreams" via cosplaying, while saving them headaches and frustration - that's a gift I enjoy giving! Whether you do this as a hobby, or you're an aspiring sewer/costumer/tailor, I want this blog to be as helpful a resource as possible, but I write it as me, not as the co-owner of Bad Wolf Costumes. 

"Obsessive Costuming Dude" is less of a division, and more of an outgrowth of our costume business.

From where you're sitting, though, very little will actually change. 

I'll still be researching costumes, posting costume analyses, writing sewing tutorials, and sharing lots of other cool sewing/costuming stuff. And we will continue selling my sewing patterns through Bad Wolf Costumes.

It's just that all the material surrounding those sewing patterns will now be done as "Obsessive Costuming Dude," so we can stop boring all the non-DIY-types with our shenanigans! 

I've begun regularly posting photos on Instagram, I'll be posting announcements on Facebook, and I'll be occasionally uploading costume videos on YouTube.

Also, I've also started another blog for all my sewing/costuming projects which aren't directly related to Star Trek or Doctor Who. Check it out here: 

My "Costume Guide" e-mail newsletter will now be from "Obsessive Costuming Dude," so be sure to add it to your approved contacts! 

And of course, please continue following Bad Wolf Costumes if you're interested in the costumes and/or sewing patterns we offer!

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