February 9, 2018

TNG skant video tour

As you may recall, I recently had the opportunity to examine an original, screen-used women's TNG skant, courtesy of Steve Barnes. 

I documented it extensively via photos, rulers, measuring tapes, etc., and in addition to my actual TNG skant analysis, I gave a sort of "virtual tour" of it in a previous blog post.

Now, I'm delighted to be able to give you an actual VIDEO tour of the skant!

In this video, we look at the fabrics and colors (yes - colors, plural), examine the unconventional interior construction, and perhaps most importantly, I demonstrate the unfastening process with the skant's bizarre double-invisible-zipper closures! 

I mention a special surprise at the end, but give me a week or two and check back here on the blog. I'll also send an e-mail once it's available, so sign up for my "Costume Guide" e-mail newsletter (upper right corner) if you haven't already for updates and other goodies!


  1. Hey, great job giving a thorough examination of the skant over the past few posts. It's about time that the public gets a chance to better understand a rare part of Trek lore.
    I have in my collection a male version https://flic.kr/p/5meXBh and am just as surprised at how complex the design is to make them look seamless. For those who are curious, mine is tagged 39-422, and the thigh straps are closed with Velcro instead of snaps.
    I had a brief look at mine to be sure, but the hem allowance on the front and back also taper a little bit. My theory about it: by allowing a greater amount of fabric (however marginal) to gather at the corners of the vent, this would allow the corners to weigh themselves down and not easily fly up when walking. Purely a guess on my part.
    Keep on trekkin'!

    1. Very cool about your male skant - thanks for sharing! Would you please post or send me a photo of your male skant's interior? I'm curious as to how the proportions compare to the women's version, since it's longer but the vent looks about the same length.