March 23, 2018

Women's TNG skant pattern, Pre-order discount!

My (Bad Wolf Costumes) women's TNG skant pattern is now available for pre-order, at a 10% discount!
Women's TNG skant pattern
Patterned directly off the original, screen-used skant I examined, this pattern features authentic vents, interior construction, and double-zipper closures!
Women's TNG skant pattern
Just for the hell of it, I've also included a conceptual seasons 3-7 version of the skant, with the appropriate yoke and collar styles.
Women's TNG skant pattern - conceptual seasons 3-7 variant
Both versions are included in women's sizes 6-24. 

The pattern is printed on two large sheets and also includes a printed copy of text-only instructions. 

Here are some examples of the uniforms you'll be able to make with this sewing pattern:

Women's TNG skant pattern
Women's TNG skant pattern
Women's TNG skant pattern
Women's TNG skant pattern
Women's TNG skant pattern
Women's TNG skant pattern

Pre-order your copy today at a 10% discount! Shipping will begin on Friday, April 6, 2018, at which point it will be listed at regular price.

Free sewing tutorial (intended for use with this pattern) coming soon! I'm also working on a pattern for the men's skants. Subscribe to my "Costume Guide" e-mail newsletter (upper right corner) to hear about them as soon as they're available!


  1. Awesome! I’ve been wanting to make skants for myself and my boyfriend! We JUST started watching TNG for the first time ever, and we love it.

    Any idea when the men’s pattern will be available too?

    Your blog is fascinating!

    1. I'm glad you're enjoying TNG, and the blog!

      The men's skant pattern should hopefully be ready in about a month.

      - Alex