August 31, 2018

TNG season 1 admiral jacket video tour

As you may recall, I recently had the opportunity to examine an original, screen-used TNG season 1 admiral jacket (Admiral Jameson’s from the episode “Too Short a Season”), courtesy of Angelo Cifaldi. 

I documented it extensively via photos, rulers, measuring tapes, etc., and in addition to my actual TNG season 1 admiral analysis, I gave a sort of "virtual tour" of it in a previous blog post.

Now, I'm delighted to be able to give you an actual VIDEO tour of the jacket!

In this video, we look at the fabric and trims (yes - trims, plural), examine the bizarre interior construction, and I demonstrate the unfastening process with the jacket’s unusual closure system! 

I mention a special surprise at the end, but give me a couple weeks or so and check back here on the blog. I'll also send an e-mail once it's available, so subscribe to my "Costume Guide" e-mail newsletter (upper right) if you haven't already for updates and other goodies!

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