April 12, 2019

TNG medical smock analysis - updated!

After reading my initial TNG medical smock analysis last week, a collector who owns an original, screen-used Dr. Pulaski "version 5" medical smock contacted me and confirmed that that particular uniform was, indeed, made out of different fabrics than jumbo spandex! 

Specifically, the body was made out superfine wool gabardine (same as the season 2 admiral jacket, and the seasons 3+ uniform jackets). 

The yoke was made out of a "mystery fabric" neither of us have been able to identify; at present, my best guess is wool flannel, felt, or perhaps melton. (It doesn't appear to be the same wool crepe used on the season Admiral Nakamura I'll be posting about soon.) 

Although the collector wishes to remain anonymous, (s)he did generously provide this photo of the original costume for me to share here on the blog:

Original, screen-used Dr. Pulaski uniform
Original, screen-used Dr. Pulaski "version 5" medical smock

I've updated my TNG medical smock analysis to include this new information. Special thanks to the anonymous collector (you know who you are) for the confirmation, and the photo! :) 

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