November 1, 2019

TNG season 2 admiral uniform video tour

As you may recall, I recently had the opportunity to examine an original, screen-used Admiral Nakamura uniform (from the season two episode "The Measure of a Man"), courtesy of Angelo Cifaldi. 

I documented it extensively via photos, rulers, measuring tapes, etc., and gave a sort of "virtual tour" of it in my previous blog post.

Now, I'm delighted to be able to give you an actual VIDEO tour of the uniform!

There was SO much more to this costume than meets the eye, or that we ever saw in the show.

Watch as I reveal its secrets and discuss some of the more unique (even surprising) characteristics of this particular uniform. 

I mention a special surprise at the end, but give me a week or two and check back here on the blog. I'll also send an e-mail once it's available, so subscribe to my "Costume Guide" e-mail newsletter (upper right) if you haven't already for updates and other goodies!


  1. You asked in the video about the 'poster' method of printing out the patterns using a regular printer. I have tried this with your skant pattern today from Adobe Reader, and it works fine - have a look at my post here for a couple of pictures

    1. Excellent - that's great to know! Thank you for sharing! :)