Early TNG jumpsuit analysis, part 11a - Season 2 Notes

Early TNG-era Starfleet Uniform Jumpsuit Analysis

Part 11a - Season 2 Notes

At this point, we've completed our thorough examination of the TNG-era uniform jumpsuit, as designed by William Ware Theiss and seen throughout The Next Generation's first season - and as such, we've reached our first major milestone in this analysis!

For The Next Generation's second season, Durinda Rice Wood took over as the show's costume designer.

Durinda Rice Wood, costume designer for The Next Generation's second season

Although to the untrained eye Theiss' early TNG-era uniform may have appeared unchanged for The Next Generation's second season, Durinda Rice Wood actually made several slight changes to the costumes, which we'll take a look at here. 

The overall design of William Ware Theiss' early TNG-era jumpsuits remained consistent (again, so much so that you might not have even known the uniforms changed for the second season!), so I won't rehash everything that's the same as the earlier first season uniforms; only a few of the "particulars" changed, and at this point we'll only be focusing our attention on those details.

Aside from Commander Riker growing a beard (the importance of which cannot be overstated!), getting Wesley out of those awful sweaters, and Worf's baldric changing, the most obvious changes to the cast's costumes were that Geordi and Worf switched from red to gold.

Geordi switched to gold
TNG, 2x1 "The Child"
Worf switched to gold
TNG, 2x1 "The Child"

On a related note, Dr. Pulaski was introduced in The Next Generation's second season, and Wood opted to dress her in a sort of "medical smock" variant, rather than the standard Starfleet uniform jumpsuits seen throughout the first season. 

(See my TNG medical smock analysis for more on Dr. Pulaski's variants!)
Dr. Pulaski in her TNG "medical smock" variant
TNG, 2x1 "The Child"

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