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Free TNG skant pattern
Free TNG season 1 admiral jacket pattern

Free TNG medical smock pattern

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Star Trek TNG Women's Jumpsuit Sewing Pattern
Star Trek TNG Men's Jumpsuit Sewing Pattern

Star Trek women's TNG skant sewing pattern
Star Trek men's TNG skant sewing pattern

Star Trek TNG season 1 admiral sewing pattern
Star Trek TNG medical smock sewing pattern


  1. I love the ENT Jumpsuit look but want it as a Jacket. Would you ever consider doing hybrid snippets of the real costumes like that?

    1. Maybe one day, but for now my primary focus is the actual Starfleet uniforms we saw in the shows and movies.

  2. Can you give me some ideas of how to size a pattern - I need a uniform for my husband who normally wears a 4X and sometimes 5X depending on the outfit

  3. I am looking for a pattern for Captain's Pike's uniform in "The Cage" and Captain Kirk's green wraparound uniform. Does anyone know where I can find these patterns.

  4. The Original costume patterns are available on various websites for download, & occasionally someone will sell them on eBay.