TNG jumpsuit analysis contents

Star Trek: The Next Generation-era 
Starfleet Uniform Jumpsuit Analysis

Analysis Contents:

Preliminary Notes and Acknowledgments

Early TNG jumpsuit analysis

Uniform Variations:

   "Yesterday's Enterprise"
   "Future Imperfect"

Exceptions and Oddities:

   Hestor Dealt
   Crooked seam lines
   Weird body panels
   Pant legs

Misc. Observations and Errors:

   Colors, part 1 (aka "Fifty Shades of Teal")
   Colors, part 2 (gold)
   Colors, part 3 (red)
   Beverly wristwatch
   Yoke Drape and Pull
   Continuity Errors
   Incorrect Ranks
   Flipped Shot

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UPDATES (2-1-18)
  • TNG skant analysis links added
  • Minor grammar and formatting updates

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