TNG jumpsuit tutorial contents

Star Trek: The Next Generation-era 
Starfleet Uniform Jumpsuit Sewing Tutorial

Tutorial Contents:

Preliminary Notes and Acknowledgments

Required Materials, Supplies, Notions, etc.

Fabric Notes

Sizing Information, Pattern Pieces, and Construction Options

Fabric Cutting

Front-zipping TNG jumpsuit tutorial

Step 1 - Front assemblies
Step 2 - Back assembly
Step 3 - Front to back
Step 4 - Finishing
Front-zipping TNG jumpsuits

Back-zipping TNG jumpsuit tutorial

Step 1 - Front assembly
Step 2 - Back assemblies
Step 3 - Front to back
Step 4 - Collar
Step 5 - Closing
Step 6 - Finishing
Back-zipping TNG jumpsuits

Download my free TNG jumpsuit sewing tutorial PDF here

TNG jumpsuit sewing tutorial PDF

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UPDATES (2-1-18)
  • Minor grammar and formatting updates

UPDATES (9-18-17)
  • Additional links to supplies
  • Additional fabric source 
  • Specific notes for men's TNG jumpsuit pattern added
  • Minor typos fixed


  1. I thought this was suppose to be a PDF file that one could download to print. Is that going to happen?

    1. The downloadable PDF will be available in a few days!

    2. The PDF is now available for free viewing/download, Beth!